Monday, June 22, 2015

Mercur Cemetery

I was driving by, on an exploring Utah outing, and came across this interesting historical site. I saw the white picket fencing up on the hill and got curious about it. So, we hiked up to it. It took maybe five minutes to get up there, even carrying a baby and with a two year old.
It turned out to be an old cemetery. I had never seen a cemetery like this in real life. With just rocks marking the graves and then a large unmarked stone as the head stone.
Most of the graves had white picket fencing around them, to preserve them I'm sure, but there were also several groupings of graves that were really close together and didn't have a barrier.

I don't know anything about the history of this place, folks are welcome to leave links in the comments about the place if you'd like. All in all, it was an interesting outing. It kind of had an ominous feel to the it so we didn't stick around long. It was neat to see the way they used to mark graves though. ~Sarah
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