Sunday, June 21, 2015


Ophir is literally the smallest town I have ever seen. You drive through the main street with a handful of houses on either side, and that is it! It may be small, but it is a charming little place. The kind of place that I think would be perfect to have a small summer cottage.
It's perfect because it has pine tree's and tons of shade, seclusion, and the canyon is beautiful! It also doesn't have a large change in altitude...which to me makes it ideal. Ever since I had Bell's Palsey in 2004 I get wicked headaches whenever there is a large shift in elevation. Anyway,

Apparently it's an old mining town with a historic railroad. There is even an open mine shaft that you can see from the road. The locals have a "spooky" ghost draped across girls LOVED that. They made me pull over just so they could see it more clearly.
It's only a few minutes off the main road when you are traveling in Tooele County. If you plan on driving by, make sure to pay attention to the speed limit signs. It is posted everywhere, so they must have a speeding problem, from looky lous I'm sure. Take a (courteous) peek next time you are near. ~Sarah
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