Thursday, June 18, 2015


Stockton is one of those towns that you may not think much about as you are just driving through. It's main drag doesn't have much to it, so I think that it gets overlooked quite a bit...(I'm included in that category). I decided that I wanted to drive around a little and maybe see if I could discover some pretty parts to the town. 

I was not disappointed!
My kids were also really happy to find a park to play at while I fed the baby. Though they are not used to a town that small and couldn't figure out why no other kids came to the park the whole time we were there. They don't even have a grocery store, the town is that small.

I did go out of my way to try not to take pictures of people's homes. Though, I do have a thing for pictures of barns/old structures so I had to sneak the one in there of that barn. I LOVE it! Though it does show me that I need to buy a lense that will zoom in way further! Make sure to share this post if you loved it! ~Sarah

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