Wednesday, July 8, 2015


 I haven't really spent much time in Parowan, mostly just to pass through, but it is really pretty! I love how much darker the red dirt is that is peeking through the greenery on the hills.

This town had quite the unexpected surprise!!! 

I was headed North and took the first Parowan exit to take some pictures. I pulled off to take this shot, and noticed that there was something moving in the grass near me. After recovering from the momentary terror, and knowing that it wasn't a snake, I had to look close because I didn't believe my eyes. There were tons of prairie dogs just hanging outside of their holes. They must be used to having people near-by because they didn't act scared or anything. Can you see all three that I got in this shot?
My girls and I were ecstatic to have this experience! One we will never forget! We are pretty sad my husband wasn't able to make that trip and share it with us, but he says he's happy we got to see them anyway. ~Sarah
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