Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Utah State Capitol Building

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In all of the years that I have lived in Utah, I have never been to the State Capitol Building. I can now check that one off of the list. Unfortunately, we weren't able to go on a tour because of Holiday hours. I was kind of sad about that because it looks beautiful from the pictures I've seen. Another day I guess.

I was actually surprised by the amount of people out on a Sunday morning exercising here. There is a neat tree lined path that runs around the whole State Capitol. I think I kind of underestimated it's size. It is massive!

I had to snap a picture of the beautiful Church that sits right across the street from the Capitol. It is actually a replica of the original built in 1883 and later demolished in 1973.
The Capitol Visitors Center sits right next to it. 
If you would like more info on the Capitol building and it's hours, please check here.

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