Friday, October 2, 2015

Free Image Friday, Grantsville Autumn Stormy Skies

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It's that time again folks! Time for "Free Image Friday" where we share one free (for personal use only) image each week for download. We will show you a watermarked version of the picture, and then provide the link on where to go to download the un-watermarked version. For the link, check below!

This shot was taken on my cell phone this morning in Grantsville. I love that the clouds are just starting to roll in and you can see all the different harvesty (if that's even a word) colors in the fields. I was just moments ahead of the storm and actually started getting wet as I was getting back in my car. I just had to roll the windows down for a minute to smell the rain and enjoy the cool breeze on my cheeks. It made me feel thankful to be alive!~Sarah
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