Friday, November 6, 2015

Free Image Friday, Stansbury Park Viewing Mountains

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It's that time again folks! Time for "Free Image Friday" where we share one free (for personal use only) image each week for download. We will show you a watermarked version of the picture, and then provide the link on where to go to download the un-watermarked version. For the link, check below!

Sorry if you all are getting tired of seeing all of my Tooele County posts. I'm trying to cover as much as I can before we move since it will be quite a ways away and I doubt that I'll be making the trip out very often. Anyway, our free image for today was taken in Stansbury Park just as Bridle Lane curves and becomes Derby Lane. This area of town has more of the high-end homes and I can see why...look at that view! If you'd like your own free copy, click the link below. 

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