Thursday, November 12, 2015

Stansbury Island

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I had every intention of heading toward Wendover for this particular outing, but then I saw the sign for Stansbury Island and I just had to go!

I turned off and kept following the road thinking that I was going to come to a bridge or a ferry and I never's just a road surrounded by water leading to the island.

Once you're on the island it looks like most people go there for target practice and four-wheeling...I'm sure there is a good deal of partying too.
It must have been someone's favorite place because as I was driving along I saw this memorial to a Todd Madsen. It was just on a large rock on the side of the road.
As I kept driving along, there were more and more signs saying to stay on the road, no trespassing, and private property. I only kept going because there was also a sign that said that there was a public use lookout point several miles ahead.
Those aren't white waves, it's salt! Also, The water color on this side of The Great Salt Lake ranged from blue, to red, to purple in some areas...which was neat and my girls found it pretty amazing!


It was a little too cold to take the littles hiking, but I'm excited that now I know of another hike to check out...maybe next spring or summer when it's warmer. Though it would still be a good spot for a little picnic...had I only thought ahead and packed one...~Sarah
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