Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Provo Canyon

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I went up another canyon this week, that I had never been. Provo Canyon! It's gorgeous! 

Utah County has been a really fun place to explore. I live in the Salt Lake City Metro area, so I won't be branching out too much into the far reaches of Utah until we are able to go camping later this summer.

Anyway, even if you don't have time to stop and just want to take a scenic drive, I definitely recommend this canyon. You start off seeing this cool old building.

You'll see a couple or so fun looking parks (perfect for a picnic...hint, hint), and then you'll come across Bridal Veil Falls.
What a beautiful series of water falls! All the scenery is quite lovely.
We ended up stopping for a potty break at Vivian Park and let the kids get their wiggles out. There is a drinking fountain, play set, covered picnic tables and plenty of lawn. The only down-side was the restrooms... they don't have plumbing and my kids got their first experience using an outhouse. My seven-year-old disgustedly informed me that "you are basically peeing in a pit"... and she's right. Lol!
The train tracks and stream are both near Vivian Park too.

There's even a series of cottages and cabins nearby. Wouldn't that be fun? Expensive, but fun to have a cottage there.

 And of course...we just had to roll down the windows and yell the whole way through the tunnels. I know, we're weird, but it's fun. I don't recommend doing that in the winter though when you could cause an avalanche.
 Pretty fun! I even found a place (on the drive through the canyon) that rents kayaks, tubes, and one other mode of transportation that I can't remember. I am going to make my husband take me to do that for a date sometime! I haven't been tubing since I was a little girl and I am making an effort to have fun. ~Sarah 

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