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Thank you for your interest in sharing Utah's beauty! We'd love to see what photos you have taken, and if we love them, they'll end up here on our site (giving you full credit of course).

To submit your high resolution photos, please copy/paste the following area in bold, and fill out each category. A simple n/a (not applicable) will suffice if you do not know the answer:
  1. Where AND approximately when were these photos taken? Please list County, and National/State Park if applicable. GPS coordinates or nearest town are helpful too.
  2. Who took these photos? If you have a G-Rated website to link to, please include it and we'll provide the link in the credit.
  3. Is there a fun story or any folklore you would like to share about these pictures or the area they were taken?
  4. What is your favorite thing about these photos?
  5. Are these photos or rights available for purchase? If yes, please list the site/where so we can link directly to them.
  6. Would you like these photos included in Free Image Fridays (a feature where we allow folks to download one free, non-watermarked image per week for personal use only).
Email your submissions, along with  questions 1-6 filled out , to Thank you for your submission! Check back often, you may just see some of your work! Better yet, subscribe to our daily email so you won't miss it! 

Please note:

*By submitting photos to, you represent and warrant that you have permission to grant us license to display content and all images that you submit. will not be held responsible if stolen images are submitted, the fault, and any legal action that pertains to those images will be the sole responsibility of the submitter. This also includes any images that were taken while trespassing.

**If you do not supply your own tasteful watermark, we will watermark the photos with's watermark, but will give you full credit in the posting. Also, if necessary we will do basic photo editing to make the photos look as good as possible.

 ***There is no guarantee that your images will be used, however, the more often you submit, the better your chances are that we will see something that we love and want to share it. 

****We would prefer submissions with between two and ten images per area. Although, if a single image is submitted and breath-taking, we may still share it on its own or add it to a round-up of our favorite single images.